Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I'm soaping tonight. I've been meaning to do this batch forever (okay, more like forever and three days) but tonight I'm going to do it. And bid a final farewell to that batch of oils that has been haunting me like a bad date.

Fortunately or Un, as the case might be, this is a strictly for-myself-and-my-family, unless there are some friends out there who would like to be treated like family. (btw, that really means you have to have attended a get-together or listened to my brother go nuclear over a 99-cent soda. No odd-batch soap unless and until you've had your baptism by fire and know darned well what you're in for.)

No Etsy forays for this one. But it will get the bugaboo off my back and I'll have no excuses for not making more designed-that-way-on-purpose soaps.

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