Saturday, September 15, 2007

31.4 pounds of Ugly Soap

For those of you who wanted to know how I was going to chop that huge batch of soap up, the answer is:

A very large knife.

My brother got me what I fondly refer to as the 'Samarai Sword' several years ago when I asked for a chef's knife and didn't think to specify length.

It has four known uses:

Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ham, 5 pound bars of chocolate

And 31.4 pound batches of soap

I don't think it's going to matter how muddy the kids get. I'm covered!


bmarin said...

That was a huge bar of soap! I thought maybe you could use it for a giant!Thanks for showing! What did you use as your mold?

Collette said...

I didn't even know you had a blog! That is a HUGE batch of soap. It looks as if you have dispatched it effectively LOL Don't forget I need soap for Christmas. Plenty of time left though:)

Stephanie said...

I used a food storage bin I got from Smart & Final for the mold. It's pretty sturdy. I'll bring it to park day so you can take a look at it (and hopefully the Banshees will stay out of the lake this time!)

Collette, that batch is going to have the distinction of Largest Batch until I get a bigger mold :)). And here in about 6 weeks I'm going to have more soap than sense!

Collette said...


Bobbisox said...

Wow, wehen good good soap behaves badly, I think it should have been labled. LOL.

Anonymous said...

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Bobbi said...

So, how is that soap coming along? Colleen has checked out the blog and is interested in your soap. Are you selling it?

Brother said...

I happen to think that is a very, very, very nice knife, with a plentitude of uses. Nice bar of soap too.